Rainwater Military Records

Pre Revolutionary Militias
Revolutionary War
War of 1812-1814
The Indian Wars and Disturbances, 1815-1858
Republic of Texas, 1835-1845
The Mexican War, 1846-1848
The Spanish-American War, 1898, and Philippine-American War, 1899-1902
World War I-era draft registration cards
World War I, 1914-1915
World War II “old man’s” draft, 1942
World War II, 1941-1945
Korea, 1950-1953
Vietnam, 1964-1975
Desert Storm / Persian Gulf, 1990-1991
Afganistan and Iraq, 2002-2005
Other military pension listings
20th & 21st century military service

The Civil War, 1861-1865, see Rainwaters in the Civil War

Pre-Revolutionary Militias

Granville Co., NC
Captain William Eaton’s Company, muster roll dated 8 Oct 1754 [998]1
James Rainwater, Private [998]
John Rainwater, Private [998]

Captain Sugar Jones’s Company, muster rolls dated 8 Oct and 6 Dec 1754 [211]1
James Rainwater, Private [211], [996]
John Rainwater, Private [211], [996]

Capt. Benjamin Simm’s Company, muster roll dated 8 Oct 1754 [998]
John Rainwater, Private [998]

Capt. Ambrous Joshua Smith’s Company [NC State Archives]
William Rainwater

1Sources [211] and [998] appear to conflict as to whether this company was commanded by Sugar Jones or William Eaton. Worth S. Ray’s book says the former, while Murtie June Clark’s lists the latter. Interestingly, Ray’s transcription indicates that Eaton commanded a Regiment composed of eight companies: Glover’s, Jeffries’, Coleman’s, Harris’s, Sallie’s, Simms’, Hampton’s and Sugar Jones’s.

Revolutionary War

North Carolina
John Rainwater is paid 50 pounds by the North Carolina Comptrollers Office for corn provided or requisitioned during the Revolutionary War. Claim #173. View voucher. [140], [216]

Gilliam Rainwater is paid 4.8 pounds by the North Carolina Comptrollers Office for Revolutionary War-related services. Claim #2033. View voucher. [140], [216]

(unknown) Rainwater was paid an unknown amount by the North Carolina Comptrollers Office for Revolutionary War-related services. [216]

M. Rainwater is paid 6.12 pounds by the North Carolina Comptrollers Office for Revolutionary War-related services. Claim #1508. [140]

William Rainwater is paid 2.8 pounds by the North Carolina Comptrollers Office for Revolutionary War-related services. Claim #41. View voucher. [140], [216]

War of 1812-1814


John Rainwaters, drummer in Capt. Hunter’s 3rd US Infantry Regiment

Thanks to Glidie Rainwater Mobley for copies of the service and pension papers of John Rainwater.


These four individuals are listed as having served in the War of 1812 from Kentucky in Roster of the Volunteer Officers & Soldiers from Kentucky in the War of 1812-1815, Adjutant General’s Office [173]. However nothing in their service records or bounty land papers indicate that any of them were from Kentucky or later settled in Kentucky. Neither did the US 7th Infantry ever serve in Kentucky during the dates of their enlistment. It appears that they would more appropriately be listed as having served from North Carolina.

William Rainwaters Sr., Capt. William H. McClellan’s2 Company, US 7th Infantry [173]

Newsom Rainwaters, Capt. George C. Allen’s2 Company, US 7th Infantry [173]

Edward Rainwaters, Capt. William H. McClellan’s2 Company, US 7th Infantry [173]

William Rainwaters Jr., Capt. George C. Allen’s2 Company, US 7th Infantry [173]

2The service papers of Newsom, Edward and William Rainwaters Jr. These original records, which date from 1811-1815, are signed by Capt. George C. Allen. The abstract of 1814-1815 records contained in Roster of the Volunteer Officers & Soldiers from Kentucky in the War of 1812-1815, Adjutant General’s Office renders the commanding officer’s name as Capt. William H. McClellan. In fact, both men commanded the US 7th Infantry during the War of 1812 according to the Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army. McClellan was promoted to Major and transferred to the 16th Infantry in May 1814. Capt. Allen actually commanded the 7th at the Battle of New Orleans. [173], [1239]

North Carolina

John Rainwater, 2nd Company of Riflemen detatched from the 14th Brigade, Richmond Co. [135]

Matthew Rainwater, 10th Company detatched from Richmond Regiment [135]

Vincent Rainwater, Capt. Pleasen M. Mask’s Richmond Co. Company [135], [1103]

South Carolina

Burrell Rainwater, served in Captain Clements’ Co SC Militia, Private [1087]

John Rainwater, Capt. Alexander Morehead’s company, Private [76]

Joshua Rainwater, Capt. Alexander Morehead’s company, Private [76]

Levi Rainwater, Capt. John Allison’s 7th Infantry, Private [1065]


Burrell Rainwater, served in Capt. Gray’s infantry company, Private [1062]

James Rainwater, served in Capt. George Gregory’s and Capt. James Churchman’s companies of the East Tennessee Militia, Private [76], [1062]

The Indian Wars and Disturbances, 1815-1858

James Rainwaters, 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry & Volunteers, West’s Company, Corporal, Cherokee War [392]

Republic of Texas, 1835-1845

Edwin R. Rainwater, Capt. Mirabeau B. Lamar’s Cavalry Corps., San Jacinto, TX, Private [169], [679], [1089]

The Mexican War, 1846-1848

E. R. Rainwater, Company A, Capt. Benjamin Hill’s Company, Texas Mounted Volunteers [1068]

Edwin N. Rainwater, Company H, 2nd Mississippi Infantry [1068]

John P. Rainwater, Mississippi Volunteer Rifles, Company A [393]

Riley Rainwater, Company A, 2nd Tennessee Infantry [1068]

Spanish-American War, 1898, and Philippine-American War, 1899-1902

Andrew T. Rainwater, NM [14]

David Rainwater, Private, Co H, 1st Arkansas Infantry
from United States Index to Service Records, War with Spain, 1898 [30]

Edward W. Rainwater, MS [14]

Charles Oland Rainwater, Kentucky, 22nd US Infantry, Company C, Private [401]

Charles Wallace Rainwater, Missouri, 19th US Infantry, Company L, Private [401]

Frank D. Rainwater [14]

Hoyt W. Rainwater, Arkansas [U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914, Ancestry.com]

Lonnie L. Rainwater, Tennessee [14]

World War I-era draft registration cards

This is not a complete list of all Rainwaters who registered for the draft, but only those where the transcribed indexes are available online. World War I-era selective service registration cards can be requested from the National Archives Regional Center at East Point, GA. These registrations cards include name, home address, age, place of birth, race, citizenship status, occupation, name of nearest relation, and a brief physical description of the registrant. These can be very useful documents for individuals born at a time when birth certificates were still fairly rare.

Albert Cecle Rainwater, born 2 Apr 1878, registered Dallam, TX [1147]
Allen Rainwaters, born 28 Jun 1886 in Rounsaville, MS, registered Greene Co., MS [1147]
Bige Rainwater, born 11 Feb 1890 at McCool, Attala Co., MS, registered Attala Co., MS [1147]
Charles David Rainwater, born 14 Apr 1894 at Sparrow [no state given], registered Wichita Co., KS [1147]
Charles Sterman Rainwater, born 18 Jun 1887, Fayetteville, AR, registered Elko Co., NV [1147]
Charley Rainwaters, born ca 1873, registered Greene Co., MS [1147]
Cicero Percy Rainwater, born 19 Dec 1895, Alpharetta, GA, registered Dade Co., FL [1147]
Edward Walthall Rainwater, born 6 Dec 1877, registered Bolivar, MS [1147]
Erskin Shirley Rainwater, born 8 Feb 1891, born & registered at French Camp, Choctaw Co., MS [1147]
George Evans Rainwater, born 12 Feb 1880, registered Washo Co., NV [1147]
Harvey Rainwater, born 7 Nov 1894, registered Winn Parish, LA [1147]
Henry Rainwaters, born ca 1876, registered Greene Co., MS [1147]
Henry Raymond Rainwater, born 23 Apr 1891 at Orangeville, TX, registered Dallam, TX [1147]
Hubert Rainwater, born 26 Aug 1898, registered Amite, MS [1147]
Jack Redden Rainwater, born 17 Feb 1892, Lincoln, NE, registered Ketchikan, AK [1147]
James Bruce Rainwater, born 16 Jan 1896, Fayetteville, AR, registered Canyon Co., ID [1147]
Jessie Rainwater, AA, 25 Dec 1899, registered Winn Parish, LA [1147]
Joseph J. Rainwaters, born 29 Jun 1895 in Rounsaville, MS, registered Greene Co., MS [1147]
Leo Jasper Rainwater, born 7 Jun 1884, registered Adams Co., ID [1147]
Luther Henderson Rainwater, born 12 Sep 1878, registered Wayne, MS [1147]
Noah E. Rainwater, born ca 1896, KY, enlisted Camp Pike, AR, Private, Company B, 8th Battalion [897]
Oras L. Rainwater, born 20 Jul 1891 at Faubush, Pulaski Co., KY, registered at prison in Alcatraz, CA [1147]
Oscar Thomas Rainwater, born 15 Oct 1891, Vine Hill, Autauga Co., AL, registered Autauga Co., AL [1147]
Percy Lee Rainwater, born 6 Oct 1888, born & registered at French Camp, Choctaw Co., MS [1147]
Sidney Rainwater, born 28 Jun 1882, registered Coahoma, MS [1147]
Thomas Hulon Rainwater, born 18 May 1885, registered Walthall, MS, Works in Kiln, MS [1147]
William A. C. Rainwater, born 14 Oct 1885, registered Dallam, TX [1147]
William Foster Rainwater, born 14 Apr 1882, registered Wayne, MS [1147]

World War I, 1914-1918

Found in the 1930 census
Acie B. Rainwater, AL [14]
Albert Earl Rainwater, MO [14]
Alvin W. Rainwater, AR [14]
Bee Rainwater, TN/NM [14]
Ben Rainwater, TN/IA [14]
Bruce Rainwater, KY [14]
Buford Rainwater, TN [14]
Charles S. Rainwater, TX [14]
Chester Rainwater, IN [14]
Clifton J. Rainwater, GA [14]
Clyde C. Rainwater, WA [14]
Corbet Rainwaters, MO [14]
Dean Rainwater, TX [14]
Dink Rainwater, IL [14]
Dock C. Rainwater, SC [14]
E. U. (V?) Rainwater, AL [14]
Earl Rainwater, OK [14]
Earl Rainwater, TX [14]
Ed Rainwater, IL [14]
Elmer H. Rainwater, MO [14]
Etson Rainwater, LA [14]
Frank R. Rainwater, TX [14]
Frank Rainwater, KS [14]
Frank Rainwaters, GA [14]
Fred Rainwater, KS [14]
George Rainwater, CO [14]
George Rainwater, IL [14]
George H. Rainwater, TX [14]
Harold Rainwaters, KY [14]
Harry Rainwaters, MO [14]
Homer B. Rainwater, TX [14]
Hollis P. Rainwater, TN [14]
Hugh Rainwater, OK [14]
Huston T. “Red” Rainwater, GA/FL [14]
Ira H. Rainwater, GA [14]
Ira Rainwater, MO [14]
James Rainwater, GA [14]
John E. Rainwater, GA [14]
John H. Rainwaters, LA (AA) [14]
John J. Rainwater, IL [14]
John Rainwaters, TN [14]
Joseph B. Rainwater, MI [14]
Joseph J. Rainwater, TX [14]
Joseph Rainwater, AL [14]
Leland Rainwaters, GA [14]
Leon Rainwater, MO [14]
Levi Mansiel Rainwater, OK [14]
Lige Rainwater, TX [14]
Mark Rainwater, IL [14]
Matthew F. Rainwater, IL [14]
Maurice S. Rainwater, NC [14]
Monroe M. Rainwater, GA [14]
Oliver L. Rainwater, IN [14]
R. S. Rainwater, AR [14]
Robert A. Rainwater, OR [14]
Robert J. Rainwater, MS [14]
Robert Rainwater, OK [14]
Roy Rainwater, OK [14]
Ruben Rainwater, IL [14]
Rufus W. Rainwater, SC [14]
S. H. Rainwater, CA [14]
T. Troy Rainwater, LA [14]
Thomas Rainwater, Menifee Co, KY [14]
Thomas Rainwaters Jr., NC [14]
Thomas Rainwaters, Pulaski Co., KY [14]
Thomas W. Rainwater, Texas Pvt 52 Depot Service Co Asc WWI [14]
Vander Rainwaters, NC [14]
W. H. Rainwater, GA [14]
Wallace B. Rainwater, OK [14]
Willard H. Rainwater, CA [14]
William A. Rainwater, MO [14]
William I. Rainwater, OK [14]
William R. F. Rainwater, AR [14]
Willie E. Rainwater, GA [14]
Zan Rainwater, LA [14]

Found in other sources
Alva Weir Rainwater, #158796, born Imboden, Lawrence Co., AR 18 Apr 1895 [2634]
Dr. Chandler Rainwater, SC PFC Medical Dept. [1074]
Charles S. Rainwater, #2287015, born Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR, PFC US Army Medical Dept [2152], [2312], [2634]
Charles O. Rainwater, PVT Co. C, 22nd US Infantry, Died at Manilla PI [1402], [2152], [2494]
David G. Rainwater, Pvt US Army [2152]
Dean Rainwater, Lake Charles, LA [USGenWeb transcription]
Elmer Rainwater, Wayne Co., MO, KIA [808]
George Harvey Rainwater, Henderson Co., TX, US Army, Meuse-Argonne theater [1460]
Henry C. Rainwater, 1893-1984 [2297]
Herchel McKinley Rainwater, Pulaski Co., KY [2013]
Jesse James Rainwater, Louisiana, MM Pvt 5th Infantry [2312]
James B. Rainwater, Private, Co. D. 308th Infantry, died 12 Oct 1918 [2865]
John Bascom Rainwater, Concho Co., TX, Company E 85th Infantry from Fort Travis [2111]
John P. Rainwater, Pike Co., IL [696], Sergeant in a medical services unit in France, WWI-era letters archived at the University of Missouri at Columbia [Tom Rittenburg]
Julius Henry Rainwater Sr., Pike Co., IL, Lieutenant [Tom Rittenburg]
Levi Mansiel Rainwater, OK Pvt 19 Inf 18 Div, WWI [2592]
Lonnie L. Rainwater, Jefferson Co., TN, Corporal 2 DSPLN BKS GD Co. [42]
Maurice S. Rainwater, Sgt US Army [1694]
Oliver L. Rainwater, Kentucky, Cpl Co D 163 Infantry [2312]
Robert J. Rainwater, HQ Troop 13 Cavalry [1557]
Roy W. Rainwater, Sergeant USMC [1391], [2152]
Ruben A. Rainwater, born 1890, Dover, Stewart Co., TN [718]
Thomas E. Rainwater, Kentucky, Pvt Co I 356th Infantry [2312]
Troy R. Rainwater, born 1892, AR Cook Co. C 22 BN US Guard WWI [727]
Warren Rainwater, born 1889, OK Private Medical Dept. [902]
William Alvin Rainwater, born 1893, Private, US Army [598]
Will R. Rainwater, PVT CAS DET 162 Depot Brig WWI [2312]

World War II “old man’s” draft, 1942


Albert Rainwater, IL
Benjamin Harrison Rainwater, IL
Chester Rainwater, IN
David Gentry Rainwater, VA
Dow Rainwater, WV
Eulis Rainwater, IL
Fred William Rainwater, IL
George Edward Rainwater, CA
Harvey Lewis Rainwater, IL
Herbert Earl Rainwater, IL
Joe W. Rainwater, IL
John D. Rainwater, IN
John Porter Rainwater, IL
John William Rainwater, IL
Le Roy Rainwater, IN
Louis Francis Rainwater, IN
Mark Rainwater, IL
Oliver Philip Rainwater, IL
Robert Rainwater, IL
Robert Lincoln Rainwater, IN
Ruben Albert Rainwater, IL
Sam Perry Rainwater, IL
Thomas Rainwater, IN
Thomas Rainwater, VA
Thomas Marion Rainwater, IL

World War II, 1941-1945

Alice Mildred Kranz Rainwater, Winona, MN, US Army [2112]
Aldridge Rainwater, Sr., (AA), LA, SSG US Army [2152]
Alma M. Rainwater, PFC US Army [2152]
Amos Leo Rainwater, Cpl US Army [2152]
Arlis D. Rainwater, KY, TEC 3 US Army, Son of John Silas Rainwater, Sr., and Nancy Catherine Vest [906]
Brent Rainwaters, TEC5 US Army [2152]
C. W. Rainwater, Newnan, GA, Military Police, US Army [1670], [2112]
Cecil B. Moss Rainwater, Sr., Atlanta, GA, 2nd Lieutenant-B24 bomber pilot, US Army Air Force [2112], [2312]
Charles L. Rainwater, Pvt US Army [2152]
Charles Raymond Rainwater, Magnolia, AR, Corporal, US Army [Sam Rainwater]
Charles Otis Rainwater, Dandridge, TN, Lt. Army Air Corps [2524]
Chester S. Rainwater, Jr., Captain US Army Air Corps [2152]
Cristine M. Rainwater, TX, Chief Petty Officer, US Navy, daughter of Roscoe & Gertrude Rainwater, served into the 1960s [108]
Claude Latimer Rainwater, SAI2 US Navy [2152]
Clois M. Rainwater, TX, Staff Sergeant, Army Air Corps, Served in TX, CA, New Guinea, Philippines and Borneo [108], [2537]
Clyde Ray Rainwater, Combat Medic Jeremy Rainwater
Darrell L. Rainwater, AR, TEC 5 US Army [2312]
Dayle G. Rainwater Dayton, WA, US Army, Field Artillery School, Fort Sill, OK, son of Lloyd Norton Rainwater, Sr. and Kathryn Blanche Newell [1670], [2112]
Dean Rainwater, US Army [1670]
Dean E. Rainwater, SC, PFC US Army [2312]
Dugan Rainwater, OK, S Sgt US Army [2312]
Elbert Rainwater, SP2 US Army [2312]
Emmett Wallace Rainwater, GA, TEC 4 US Army [2312]
Ernest Ray Rainwater, PVT USMC [1385], [2152]
Ethridge Rainwater, PFC US Army [904]
Evander Rainwater, SC Pvt Army [2304]
Floyd Rainwater, US Army [2312]
Forrest A. Rainwater, TX, TEC 4 US Army [2312]
Fred W. Rainwater, KS, PFC Co K 352 Inf [2253]
George H. Rainwater, AL, Cpl Hq Co, 15th Inf, Bronze Star [838]
George S. Rainwater, SSGT US Army [2152]
George Washington Rainwater, Bennettsville, SC, US Army [2112]
Gerald Wesley "Bus" Rainwater, OK, Pvt US Army [2312]
Gordon E. Rainwater, Sergeant US Army [1390], [2152]
Grady U. Rainwater, CPL US Army [2464]
Harold Bell Rainwater, NC, US Navy [2304]
Harold E. Rainwater, Assumption Parish, LA, PFC Quartermaster’s Corps US Army [2112], [2312]
Harry L. Rainwater, LA, Pvt. Hq. Co. 87 Armored ReCon BN [1116]
Henry C. Rainwater, IL, Private Co E 79 Infantry [1686]
Herman N. Rainwater, Henderson, Rusk Co., TX, Private, 169th Infantry, KIA Luzon Island, South Pacific [1034], [2112]
Hershel Melvin Rainwater, TX, FM1 USN [1385], [2152]
Howard Learhon Rainwater, LA [USGenWeb archives]
Ira A. Rainwater, OK, US Navy WWII [2268], [2312]
Ivery Rainwater, LA, [USGenWeb archives]
J. G. Rainwater, Staff Sergent US Army [1385], [2152]
James A. Rainwater, Fairburn, GA, US Army Air Force [1670], [2112]
James Carlie Rainwater, Corporal USMC, AR [1384], [2152]
James Edward Rainwater, PFC US Army [2312]
James Lewis Rainwater, GM3 US Navy [2152]
Jesse Rainwater, Master Sergeant US Army [1389], [2152]
Johnnie W. Rainwater, TX, Chief Yeoman, U.S. Navy [108]
Joe H. Rainwater, PFC US Army [2152]
Joseph W. Rainwater, TEC4 US Army [2152]
John Delbert Rainwater, AR, US Army, awarded three bronze stars [2312]
John Monroe Rainwater, Creek Co., OK, Private, 350 Infantry, US Army, KIA Italy [2112], [2312]
John R. Rainwater, SSGT US Army Air Force [2152]
John W. Rainwater, GA, Private US Army [736]
John W. Rainwater, NC, Cpl 17th Field Artillary [1074]
Juddie Linden Rainwater, AR, PHM 3/C US Navy [1396], [2152]
Julius Henry Rainwater, Sr., CA, Lt. Col., U.S. Army, Lt. Col Major HQ 2nd Mil Govt Regt Spec Res [696], [1387]
L. Z. Rainwater, AR, PVT US Army [1392], [2152]
Lando Rainwater, AL, CPL US Army [2152]
Lawrence B. Rainwater, PFC USMC [2152]
Leonard W. Rainwater, Hoopeston IL, Sergeant US Army [2112]
Leona Mae Seeley Rainwater, LA, Pvt US Army [2312]
Lester Wilbur Rainwater, TX, Sergeant, US Army [42]
Lynn Rainwater, SSGT US Army [2152]
Mark Rainwater, PVT US Army [2312]
Milton Truman Rainwater, Hico Co., TX, US Army [2112]
Oliver A. Rainwater, US Navy, AS [1388], [2152]
Osborn Keith Rainwater, Little Rock, AR, Fireman 1c, US Navy, KIA USS Saratoga [2112], [2152]
O. J. Rainwater, AR, SN US Navy [516], [2152]
Oscar Rainwater, Fulton Co., GA, Private, US Army, KIA [737], [2112]
Oscar Lee Rainwater, PFC US Army [2152]
Paul W. Rainwater, LA, TEC 4 US Army [2312]
Perry Lee Rainwater, LA [USGenWeb archives]
Ralph Hitson Rainwater, Cpl US Army, TX [2312]
Richard Lee Rainwater, CO, TSgt US Army [2122]
Robert Daniel Rainwater, Anniston, AL, Seaman 2nd class, USNR, KIA [1079]
Robert J. Rainwater, Co. C 820 Engineering AVN. Battalion [1557]
Robert L. Rainwater, Anniston, Marshall Co., AL, PVT US Army, KIA [1079], [2112]
Robert W. Rainwater, LA, Pvt US Army [2312]
Robert W. Rainwater, GA, Sgt US Army [735]
Robert Orton Rainwater, PVT US Army [1385], [2152]
Roland August Rainwater, AR, Air Force [Hisawaussies@aol.com]
Sidney Ernest Rainwater, MO, TEC5 US Army [2464]
Thomas Leslie Rainwater, Sr., AR, S1 US Navy [2152]
Trintes Oscar Rainwater, PFC US Army [1392], [2152]
Truman E. Rainwater, Wayne Co., MO, Private, US Army, died in service [808], [2112]
Vernon Ornet Rainwater, LA, Sgt US Army [2312]
Victor M. Rainwater, GA Sgt 348 Fighter Group, Army Air Force [735]
Vincent Raymond Rainwater, PFC, Battle of the Bulge [shannon.rainwater@gmail.com]
Virgil C. Rainwater, born 1926, Tech 5 US Army [2297]
Wallace Eugene Rainwater, Lieutenant US Navy [1384], [2152]
Wallace G. Rainwater, PVT, US Army [1384], [2152]
Walter Eugene Rainwater, TX, Captain, Army Air Corps [108]
Warren G. Rainwater, Louisville, KY, 99th Infantry, US Army [1670], [2112]
Wayne Rainwater, Clayton, NM, US Army Corps of Engineers [1670], [2112]
Willard W. Rainwater, CPL US Army Air Force [2312]
William Alvin Rainwater, Private, US Army [598]
William F. Rainwater, PFC US Army [1386]
William M. Rainwater, PFC US Army [1393], [2152]
William T. Rainwater, PVT US Army [1116]
William V. Rainwater, S1 US NAVY WW11 [2312]
William Price Rainwater, SFC US Army [2152]
Winston Lee Rainwater, PFC US Army Air Force [2312]
Wyatt Uriah Rainwater Jr., Alexander City, AL, US Army Medical Corps [2112]
Zeldon P. Rainwater, MO, Tec 5 US Army [2153]

Charlie Rainwater, Logan Co., WV, Private, US Army [2112]

Dennis D. Rainwater, Jr., AR, Cpl, USMC [James Lasyone]

Everett W. Rainwater, Snohomish, Umatilla Co., OR, Private, US Army [242], [2112]

George N. Rainwater, Fairburn, GA, US Army [1670]

Glen W. Rainwater, Princeton, Collin Co., TX, Private, 38 Inf, 2nd Inf Div [620]

H. Noble Rainwater, Henderson, TX, US Army [1670]

Herbert R. Rainwater San Diego, CA [1670]

Isaac H. Rainwater, Douglas Co., GA, US Army [2112]

Ivey Vason Rainwater, Jr., Arlington, VA, US Army [1670]

James O. Rainwaters, Logan Co., Kentucky, Private, US Army [2112]

James P. Rainwater, Georgia, Sergeant, US Army [2112]

Joe H. Rainwater, Concho Co., TX, Private, US Army, KIA [1389]

Julius H. Rainwater, Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army [696]

Robert D. Rainwater, Tennessee, Seaman 2c, US Navy [2112]

Robert L. Rainwater, Alabama, Private, U.S. Army [2112]

Walter Elbert Rainwaters, Lewisburg, KY, Merchant Seaman, US Merchant Marines [2112]

Korean War, 1950-1953

Alfred Rainwater, US Army, Texas [Clyde Rainwater]
Byrnel Rainwater, Cpl US Marine Corps [290]
Clyde Ray Rainwater, combat medic Jeremy Rainwater
E. C. Rainwater, Master Sergeant US Army [2312]
Elbert Rainwater, SP2 US Army [2312]
George W. Rainwater, SC Sgt US Air Force [1074]
Harvey L. Rainwater, CPL US Marine Corps [616]
Herschel Lee Rainwater, US Army [David Rainwater]
James Lee Rainwater, SGT US Army [2312]
James W. Rainwater, Oregon [USGenWeb / Rootsweb Archives]
Jimmie Rainwater, Jr., CPL US Army [2129]
Marvin W. Rainwaters, PFC US Army [2152]
Orville L. Rainwater, USN Korea [950]
Sinnie Rainwater, Jr. Pvt US Army [2312]
Thomas W. Rainwater, SP2 US Army [2152], [2312]
Robert M. Rainwater, SP3 US Army [2182]
Robert Mack Rainwater, AA, S Sgt US Marine Corps, Korea [2551]
Walter L. Rainwater, Sgt, US Army, Texas [Clyde Rainwater]

Vietnam War, 1964-1975

Charles Travis Rainwater, SP5 US Army [2152]
Clyde Ray Rainwater, combat medic Jeremy Rainwater
E. C. Rainwater, Master Sergeant US Army [2312]
Elzie Joseph Rainwater, SP4 US Army [1432]
Glenn Joseph Rainwater, US Army [290]
Granville C. Rainwater, CPO, U.S. Navy, Texas [Clyde Rainwater]
Herschel Lee Rainwater, US Army [David Rainwater]
Jimmy D. Rainwater, AB US Air Force [2152]
John Carl Rainwater, SK3 US Navy [2152]
Kenneth Jackson Rainwater, SP4 US Army [2152]
Larry Raymond Rainwater, USMC [2312]
Michael N. Rainwaters, SP4 US Army [2152]
Monty Joe Rainwater, US Navy, Aviation Boatswain’s Mate, Sep 1960-Aug 1964 [Gina Nelson]
Thomas Rainwater, son of Mimi and Donald Rainwater [kody_rainwater@yahoo.com]
Thomas Rainwater, US Navy [1135]
William Gary Rainwater, Corporal USMC [1385], [2152]

James Alvin Rainwater Jr., Alabama [395]

James Ronald Rainwater, Tennessee [395]

Jewel Lee Rainwater, Arkansas [395]

Wilbur Dean Rainwater, Georgia [395]

Desert Storm / Persian Gulf, 1990-1001

Norman Ray Rainwater Jr. [militarychapel.net]
David Shannon Rainwater, US Navy, AE2 (AW/NAC) [shannon.rainwater@gmail.com]
Aldridge Rainwater, Jr., (AA), Msgt Sgt, US Air Force [2152]
Gina Rainwater Nelson, AT3, Sep 1990-Aug 1994 [Gina Nelson]

Afganistan and Iraq, 2002-2005

Lt. Col. Paul Rainwater [American Press.com]

Other military pension listings

Andrew Thomas Rainwater, New Mexico, US Field Artillary, 17th Battery, Private [401]
Ben D. Rainwater, Georgia, 2nd US Engineers Corps., Company A & Company D, Air Service, Private [401]
Hoyt W. Rainwater, Arkansas, US Hospital Corps, Private [401]
John Elbert Rainwater, California, US Navy, Fireman [401]
Joseph B. Rainwater, Tennessee, 1st US Field Artillary, Battalion B, Private [401]

Other 20th & 21st Century service

Some of these individuals are listed in National Veterans Cemeteries, but the information supplied does not clarify in which war they served. In other cases, there is no clear category in which to list them.

Carl Wesley Rainwater, Sergeant US Army [1383]
David Shannon Rainwater, US Navy, AE2 (AW/NAC), Somalia & Croatia [shannon.rainwater@gmail.com]
Donald G. Rainwater, MSGT US Air Force [2152]
E. C. Rainwater, MSGT US Army [2152]
George Elwin Rainwater, 1st LT US Air Force [2152]
Gerald Dean Rainwater, SP4 US Army [2152]
Gilbert L. Rainwater [2152]
Jack D. Rainwaters, GYSGT USMC [1387], [2152]
Jeremy Rainwater, US Coast Guard, 2000-2004, USCGC Jarvis WHEC-725. Received the Global War on Terrorism and National Defense Medals Jeremy Rainwater
Jerry Dale Rainwater, US Navy 1978-1984, USS Benjamin Franklin SSBN-640 Jeremy Rainwater
Lawrence B. Rainwater, PFC USMC [1401]
Rex E. Rainwater, MSGT US Air Force [1389]
Richard M. Rainwater, PFC US Army [1383]
Ronald Lee Rainwater, US Navy, SA [1388]
Teresa Jo Rainwater, Staff Sergeant USMC [1388]
Thomas Andrew Rainwater, PVT Battlion 17 US Army [1383]
William L. Rainwater, MSGT USMC [2152]


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