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The purpose of The Rainwater Collection is to assist serious genealogical researchers in their research by providing an archive of well-documented, accurate and uninterpreted data related to the Rainwater family in America. It is the product of thousands of hours of work on the part of Susan and Steve Rainwater, and our many contributors. Avail yourself freely of all of the resources of the collection, but please email only if you have something to add or correct.

Rainwater Book Now In Print

The Family Tree of Clois Miles Rainwater and Nancy Jane McIlhaney: One Texas Family’s Origins, 1706-2012 is now available through Lulu.com for $19.99.

This book explores the family roots of one contemporary Texas family, from their origins in North Carolina to present day. The two major family groups are the Rainwaters (Kentucky branch) and the McIlhaneys (Tennessee). The book includes profiles of each of the couple’s ancestors, and short profiles of all of the ancestors’ children. Photographs and register reports are included.

Official Records

Wills & Probate

The will of Aaron Rainwater, 1849, Logan Co., KY
The will of Alexander Martin Rainwater, 1820-1890, Bedford Co., OR
Application for letters of administation for the estate of Annie J. Rainwater, 1909, Richmond Co., NC
Probate of the estate of Hugh Rainwater, 1814-1874, Lawrence Co., AR, abstract only
The will of James Rainwater, 1862, Pulaski Co., KY
The will of James Rainwater the Preacher, 1865, Campbell Co., GA
The probate file of Job Rainwater, ca 1784-1863, Milton Co., GA
The will of John Rainwater, 1777, Surry Co., NC
The will of John Rainwater, 1832, Spartanburg District, SC
The will of John Wesley Rainwater, 1888, Bedford Co., TN
The probate records of Joseph Rainwater, (1824-1873), Wood Co., TX
The will of Josiah Rainwater, 1934, Wilbarger Co., TX
The guardianship of the minor children of Louisa Moore Rainwater, 1876, Hamilton Co., TX
The will of Miles Rainwater, 1884, Pulaski Co., KY
The estate administration of Robert Rainwater, 1825, Stewart Co., TN
The estate adminstration of Sam Rainwater, 1889, Waller Co., TX
Estate Sale of Solomon Rainwater, Sr., ca 1765-1814, Pendleton District, SC
The guardianship of the minor children of Wesley H. Rainwater, 5 May 1865 & 10 Apr 1867, Pulaski Co., AR
The will of William Rainwater, 1825, Pulaski Co., KY
The will of William Jasper Rainwater, 1887, Waller Co., TX

Bibles & Family Records

The family Bible of Bartholomew & Nancy McLaughlin Rainwater, Pulaski Co., KY, ca 1825
The family Bible of Catherine McCall Rainwater, wife of James, Jefferson Co., TN
The family record of James and Charity Fowler Rainwater, Sevier Co., TN, ca 1798
The family Bible of James H. & Nancy Claud Rainwater, AR, ca 1874
The family Bible of James M. & Ella Sampson Rainwater, Navarro Co., TX, ca 1871
The John Edwin & Lucy Hyde Rainwater family Bible, MS, ca 1881
The Josiah & Elizabeth Jane Weddle Rainwater family Bible, KY and TX, ca 1866
The funeral register of Miles Eber Rainwater, AR, 1863-1941
The family Bible of Margaret E. Weir & Thomas Henry Rainwater AR, ca 1887
The family Bible of Matthew Rainwater & Mahala Snapp, TN, ca 1833
The Family Bible of Moses Fowler & Elizabeth Oliver Rainwater
The William & Patsy Hodge Rainwater family Bible, Pulaski Co., KY, ca 1800
The William Howard & Minerva Rayeborn Rainwater family Bible, KY and IN, ca 1838
The family Bible of Sciota B. Rainwater & John Levi Elder, Holt Co., MO
The family Bible of Moses & Margaret Rainwater Lewallen
The Dempsey Pace & Elizabeth Rainwaters family Bible, MS, ca 1804
The Rainwater-Webb family Bible, GA and TX, 1878
The family Bible of Lucy Isadore Rainwater & John Pinkney Aderholt, TX, ca 1900
The Velma Henson Tate family Bible, granddaughter of Matilda Rainwater Henson

War of 1812 Pension papers

Letter from The National Archives describing service in War of 1812 of James and Joshua Rainwater, 1934
War of 1812 widow's pension application of Martha Adams Rainwater, 1850, Georgia

Excerpts from Union Civil War pension applications

Abraham B. Rainwater, 1915, Arkansas
Abraham Butler Rainwater & Sarah C Waters Rainwater, 1898, Missouri
Cornelia E. Rainwater, widow of Miles, 1914, Kentucky
Elizabeth Jane Rainwater, widow of Josiah, 1934, Kentucky
Jacob A. Rainwater, 1904, Illinois
Josiah W. Rainwater, 1880, Kentucky
Josiah W. Rainwater, 1889, Kentucky
Martha Rainwater, daughter of Gideon E. & Mary Ann Rainwater, Missouri, 1890
Mary Ann Rainwater, widow of Gideon, 1869, Missouri
Miles Rainwater, 1898, Kentucky
Miles Rainwater, 1912, Kentucky
Paschal P. Rainwater, 1918, Washington
Rebecca J. McDaniel Rainwater, widow of William C, 1862, Kentucky

Excerpts from Confederate Civil War pension applications

Allen Rainwater, 1899, Alabama
Amanda Adeline Rainwater, widow of Benjamin F., 1917, Arkansas
Annie Hightower Rainwater, widow of James H., 1919, Georgia
Annie Jane Rainwater, widow of James, 1907, North Carolina
Arilda Jane Rainwater, widow of Reason, 1927, Arkansas
Bargilla G. Rainwater, widow of John, 1900, Texas
Bargilla G. Rainwater, widow of John, 1919, Mortuary Warrant, Texas
Berry Moore Rainwater, 1899, Texas
Berry Moore Rainwater, 1919, Mortuary Warrant, Texas
Caroline Rainwater, widow of William T., 1910, South Carolina
Cicero Rainwater, 1895, Georgia
Crosby D. Rainwater, 1906, Georgia
E. A. Rainwater, widow of John W., 1892, Arkansas
Elizabeth Rainwater, widow of Allen, 1899, Alabama
Francis Marion Rainwater, 1915, Arkansas
George M. Rainwater, 1915, North Carolina
George Wilburn Rainwater, 1915, Oklahoma
Henrietta Susan Rainwater, widow of Cicero, 1907, Georgia
James H. Rainwater, 1901, Georgia
Jeanette Rainwater, widow of William A., 1931, Mississippi
John Daniel Rainwater, 1911, Alabama
Lemuel F. Rainwater, 1924, Georgia
M. J. (Sabra Amanda Jane) Rainwater, widow of Miles, 1903, Georgia
Maggie L. Rainwater, widow of William P., 1932, Arkansas
Margaret Rainwater, widow of James A., 1927, Mississippi
Mariah Rainwater, widow of Elisha W., 1901, Georgia
Mary Rainwater, widow of John D., 1926, Alabama
Mary Eliza Rainwater, widow of William L., 1932, Arkansas
Mary F. Rainwater, widow of Virgil Cicero, 1913, Georgia
Mary Jane Rainwater, widow of Silas M., 1902, Alabama
Miles Rainwater, 1898, Georgia
Nancy Rainwater, widow of Francis M., 1922, Arkansas
Nautilla E. Rainwater, widow of Jacob A., 1905, Illinois
Rebecca Rainwater, widow of John Daniel, 1920, Alabama
Rebecca Rainwater, widow of John Daniel, 1927, Alabama
Riley G. Rainwater, 1916, Arkansas
Sarah Rainwater, widow of Miles, 1916, Alabama
Sarah Rainwater, widow of Miles, 1926, Alabama
Sarah F. Rainwater, widow of Crosby D., 1907, Georgia
Sarah A. Rainwater, widow of William Joseph, 1893, Georgia
Sarah A. Rainwaters, widow of Umphrey, 1900, Georgia
Sarah R. Rainwater, widow of William M., 1901, Arkansas
Sarah R. Rainwater, widow of William M., Death Benefit, 1910, Arkansas
Silas M. Rainwater, 1899, Alabama
Thomas E. Rainwater, 1901, Arkansas
Umphrey P. Rainwaters, 1892, Georgia
William Andrew Rainwater, 1930, Mississippi
William B. Rainwater, 1909, Georgia
William L. Rainwater, 1918, Arkansas
William T. Rainwater, 1908, South Carolina

Excerpts from applications made to the Southern Claims Commission
James Rainwater, 1873, Missouri
John A. Rainwater, 1872, Arkansas


Myths, Mysteries & Mistakes in Rainwater research

Evidence for Early Rainwaters Prior to 1800

The origins of the Rainwater name

The children of the first James Rainwater, ca 1735-post 1790, Surry Co., NC

Evidence for Native American Rainwaters

Allied Families

Other Bibles related to individuals in our database
The family Bible of Emily E. Cain & Abraham Lincoln Weddle, Pulaski Co., KY
The family Bible of Elizabeth Moore & Joseph Singleton Presnall, TX
The family record of Nettie Chris Roberts & James F. Trimble, Pulaski Co., KY
The family Bible of Dora Hamilton Humberson, wife of William Travis Humberson, TX
The family Bible of Francis Marion Humberson, TX
The Tarter family Bible of Onta Jane Roberts Roman, Kentucky
The George Thomas Hammonds Bible, Kentucky, Missouri, & California
The Daniel M. & Parthenia Phillips Bible, Georgia

Other wills related to individuals in our database
The Will of Daniel Ball, 1882, Warren Co., NC, abstract
The Will of Blatchley Caughron, ca 1823- 1873, Pulaski Co., KY
The Will of Banner Compton, ca 1781- 1818, Adair Co., KY
The Will of Micajah Compton, ca 1798- 1853, Pulaski Co., KY
The Will of Levi Cooper, 1792-1858, Pulaski Co., KY
The Will of John J. Cooper, ca 1828-1907, Pulaski Co., KY
The Will of Balzer Darter (Tarter), died post 1800, Wythe Co., VA
The Estate Settlement of Josiah W. Duck, Jr., ca 1801-1855, Pulaski Co., KY
The Will of Job Felton, July 1812, Oglethorpe Co., Georgia
The will of Thomas Fussell, 1735, Bertie Co., NC
The will of Rev. James Hembree, 1849, Anderson District, SC
The Will of Bartholomew Hodges, 4 July 1826, Surry Co., NC
Report of the Commissioners of the Estate of Edward Kellum 1787-1864, McLennan Co., TX
The Will of John Linn, Jul 1851, Warren Co., GA, abstract
The Will of William McElhiney, died ca 1801, Grainger Co., TN
The Will of Jacob Tarter, ca 1795-1874, Russell Co., KY
The Estate Settlements of John Tarter, Sr., ca 1760-1849, Pulaski Co., KY
The Will of David Trimble, died ca 1798, Bourbon Co., KY
The Will of John Milton Weddle, Sr., ca 1776-1842, Pulaski Co., KY
The Will of Solomon Weddle, 1822-1890, Pulaski Co., KY
The Will of John Milton "Jack" Weddle, Jr., 1807-1891, Pulaski Co., KY

Virtual tombstone tours of non-Rainwater cemeteries

The Pulaski County Diaspora: The Scattering of Rainwaters and Allied Families, 1850-1900