Allied Families: Non-Rainwater Bibles

The family Bible of Abraham Lincoln Weddle, Pulaski Co., KY
The family Bible of Joseph Singleton Presnall, Texas
The family record of James F. & Nettie Chris Trimble, Pulaski Co., KY
The family Bible of Dora Hamilton Humberson, wife of William Travis Humberson, Texas
The family Bible of Francis Marion Humberson, Texas
The Tarter family Bible of Onta Jane Roberts Roman, Kentucky
The George Thomas Hammonds Bible, Kentucky, Missouri, & California
The Daniel M. & Parthenia Phillips Bible, Georgia

The family Bible of Abraham Lincoln Weddle, 1864-1929

Transcription originally printed in Mississippi Cemetery and Bible Records, Vol. 17, 1978, pgs. 74-77, Mississippi Genealogical Sociery, original owned by Mrs. J. P. Wilkerson. Words given in parentheses are commentary added by Mrs. Wilkerson or her mother, Mrs. J. N. Harrold. Corrections at bottom of entry.

Solomon Weddle, born May 9th 1822, Pulaski Co, KY, died March 21 1890, Pulaski Co., KY
Patsy Weddle (Martha "Patsy" Tarter), born July 18 1822, Pulaski Co, KY, died Dec. 17 1896, Pulaski Co, KY
M(illard) J. Cain, M. D., born July 25 1847, Caintown, Pulaski Co, KY, died April 18 1929, Somerset, KY
Nancy Jane (Weddle) Cain, born May 31 1844, Pulaski Co, KY, died April 12 1915, Pulaski Co, KY

A. L. Weddle, born March 21 1864, Pulaski Co., KY, died Sept 2 1929, Abbott, MS
Emily Elizabeth Cain, born Jan 7 1869, Caintown, died July 24 1933, West Point, MS
They were married Feb 15 1885 at M. J. Cain's by J. J. Cooper

Herbert Weddle, M. D., born Oct 6 1887, Waterloo, KY, died Aug 1926, married 13 Nov 1911 to Verda Strunk
L. Ella Weddle, born April 5 1890, Waterloo, KY, died Jan 30 1959, married Oct 30 1917 to W. N. Sievers, M. D.
N. Helen Weddle, born Jan 1 1898, Waterloo, KY, died Oct 4 1970, married Oct 4 1917 to J. N. Harrold
M. Pauline Weddle, born Jan 3 1901, married Nov 15 1928, W. C. Rothert
M. Elizabeth Weddle, born May 1 1907, married Feb 7 1930, J. F. McGeath

C. C. Cooper was born Feb 18th 1875, died Oct 4 1894 (newphew of A. L. Weddle)
C. C(hester) Cain was born Dec 11th 1877, died Feb 13 1931 (brother of Eliz. Cain Weddle)
M. J. Cain and Nancy Jane Cain were married Oct 11 1866
Effie Weddle, born Apr 5 1894, died Oct 1 1897
Altie Weddle, born Feb 11 1896, died Jan 14 1898
(These last two were daughters of Martha Cain Weddle and A. J. Weddle, who were sister and brother of Eliz. Cain Weddle and A. L. Weddle)
G. E. (Gale) Weddle, (no dates)
James Edwin Weddle, born Oct 23 1911

Algar Weddle, born Aug 23 1892
Nannie Weddle, born Jun 20 1898
Lida Weddle, born April 6 1900
Pearl Weddle, born Jan 26 1911

Emmett Cain, born March 20 1901
Grace Cain, born June 29 1906
Herbert Cain, born May 22 1909
Winnie Cain, born March 30 1892

Ruth Lucile Weddle, born Jul 17 1921, Pine Knot, KY, married _____ Patterson, 196x5
Arnold L. Sievers, born March 8 1913, White Heath, IL, married Martha
Arthur O. Sievers, born June 30 1915, White Heath, IL, married Lorene Lytle on June 19 1944 in France
Elizabeth M. Sievers, born Sept 1 1917, White Heath, IL, married Lowell Fellinger
Ida Judson Harrold, born Sept 9 1918, West Point, MS, married Jan 26 1941 Jeff P. Wilkerson, Jr.
Helen Bernice Harrold, born Aug 11 1920, West Point, MS, married June 1 1942 J. B. Naugle
Elizabeth May Weddle, born Aug 1 1921, Four Mile, KY, married Jan 29 1945 John L. Bedford
Dilly Pauline Weddle, born Apr 19 1925, Four Mile, KY, married L. R. Sanders
Jane W. McGeath, born Oct 25 1931, Hartford City, IN, married Stuart Belon
Bruce Franklin McGeath, born Oct 14 1934, Marion, IN, married Kennita
William Clarence Rothert, Jr., born Nov 8 1934, West Point, MS
John Phillip McGeath, born May 2 1940, Marion, IN, married Marianne Franks

Moved to Mississippi Dec 22 1917
Ella Sievers was operated on Nov 1923
Elizabeth left home for Champaign, IL Sept. 7, Pauline for FL Sept. 11
Helen Harrold was operated Feb 13 1932 at Ivy Hospital
Judson Harrold was taken sick Nov 1 1929, went to Sanitorium Dec 17 1929, came home May 24 1930
McClelland Harrold was born Dec 26 1860, Wilmot, OH and died May 4 1933, Mt. Eaton, OH. Married Melissa Crow Apr 12 1883, born Sep 8 1862 near Mt. Eaton, OH and died Feb 11 1928, Mt. Eaton, OH (Judson’s parents)
A. L. Weddle, born Mar 3 1864, Waterloo, KY, died Sept 2 1929, Abbott, MS
Elizabeth Cain Weddle, born Jan 1 1869, Waterloo, KY, died July 24 1933, West Point, MS

Judson Nixon Harrold, born May 24 1895, Wilmot, OH and died July 8 1931, West Point, MS
Helen Weddle Harrold, born Jan 1 1898, Waterloo, KY and died Oct 4 1970, West Point, MS
They were married Oct 14 1917 at Berea, KY by Dr. B. H. Roberts

Ida Judson Harrold, born Sept 9 1918, West Point, MS, married Dec 26 1941 to Jefferson Pinkney Wilkerson, Jr.
Helen Bernice Harrold, born Aug 11 1920, West Point, MS, married June 1 1942 to J. B. Naugle

Helen Weddle Wilkerson, born Nov 18 1942, Greenville, MS, married Nov 22 1963 to Emery Dale Skelton
Priscilla Elizabeth Wilkerson, born Feb 13 1948, Greenville, MS, married Aug 15 1970 to James Lamar Nowell
Helen Elizabeth Naugle, born Oct 15 1943, West Point, MS, married June 1969 to Lynn Deibler

Janetta Weddle, born Apr 2 1842, married Jacob Warner, born July 3 1834
Mollie Weddle, born Aug 2 1854, married _______ Jasper3
G. E. (Gale) Weddle, born Sept 6 1843
Elizabeth Weddle, born Sept 7 1847, married _______ Rainwater2
J. T. (Jacob) Weddle, born March 23 1850
Margaret Weddle, born Feb 20 1852, married Jerome Cooper1
Emily Weddle, born Feb 26 1854, married ________ Tarter1
Lucy Weddle, born Jan 18 1856, married ________ Cooper4
J. M. (John) Weddle, born March 30 1858
Helen Weddle, born Nov 29 1861, married Christopher Tarter
Lincoln Weddle, born March 21 1864
A. J. (Johnson) Weddle, born Nov 14 1865
Doretta Weddle, born Feb 24 1872, married H. Gosser

1These two names are incorrect. Margaret Weddle married Jerome Terrell Tarter, Emily Weddle married James T. Eastham.
2Josiah Rainwater
3John Jasper
4David Cooper
5b. July 17 1912; d 7 July 1965, San Diego CA; Married Melvin D Patterson. Correction courtesy of Gerry Humes

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The family Bible of Joseph Singleton Presnall, 1870-1944+, Texas

Transcription provided by Joyce Bearden

William Franklin Umberson, born May 1837, Winston Co., MS
Married 31 May 1866 to Ann Ophelia Westmoreland Neal, born 12 May 1843, died 13 Dec 1875
(First married J. B. Neal, who died in the Confederate Army Nov 1862)
Pernecia Evie Neal, born 22 Apr 1861, McLennan Co., TX, married 13 Jan 1876
William Thomas Riddle Umberson, born 21 Sept 1867, McLennan Co., TX, married 23 Jan 1895
Smith Elnathan Umberson, born 11 May 1869, McLennan Co., TX, married 1 Jan 1896
Mary Ophelia (Aunt Mollie) Umberson, born 17 Jan 1872, McLennan Co., TX
Joshua Julius (Uncle Frank) Umberson, born 27 Nov 1873, McLennan Co., TX
Elizabeth Umberson (mother of William Franklin Umberson), died Nov 1889

William Franklin Umberson, born May 1837, Winston Co., MS
Married 4 June 1876 Mary Singleton, born 30 Oct 1844, Pike Co., AL, died 22 Nov 1922
(First married James G. McDonald, 21 June 1860, second Caleb Presnall, 23 Oct 1865)

Presnall children
Phoebe Ann Presnall, born 11 Oct 1866, Clark Co., AL, died 23 Nov 1956
Joseph Singleton Presnall, born 25 Dec 1870, Clark Co., AL, married 7 Sept 1899
Caleb Westard* Presnall, born 21 Aug 1873, Clark Co., AL, died 25 May 1925

Umberson children
Ollie Delilah Umberson, born 19 Mar 1877, McLennan Co., TX
Emma Florence Umberson, born 5 June 1879, McLennan Co., TX, died 24 Nov 1888
Richard Rufus Umberson, born 9 Apr 1881, McLennan Co., TX, died 8 Oct 1889
Eddie Brown Umberson, born 27 June 1886, McLennan Co., TX, died 8 Nov 1888

*The autobiography of Annie Presnall Wood, Caleb's sister, gives his middle name as Wesley rather than Westard.

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The family record of James F. & Nettie Chris Trimble, Pulaski Co., KY

Transcription and scans provided by Charles Turpin

This family record comes from two different original sources, both in the possession of Charles Turpin. The first is the bank deposit book of James F. Trimble. The second is the day book of the same individual. According to Charles, the handwriting does not appear to be that of James F. Trimble, and there is no indication who recorded this information.

Bank Book
David Trimble, Died Dec 20th 1856
Nancy Trimble, Died March 13th 1862
Elizabeth Trimble, born Jan the 7, 1823, Died May the 21, 1860
John Trimble, Born Jan the 28th, 1825, Died Oct the 17 1859
Celia Trimble, Born Dec the 16 1826 Telitha Trimble, Born Oct the 14, 1828, Died May the 11th, 1880
Milla Trimble Cown1, Born Aug the 8th, 1830
Serilda Trimble, Born July the 2nd, 1832
Cyrenous W. Trimble, Born Feb the 23rd, 1834
James F. Trimble, Born Jan the 23rd, 1836
Thomas C. Trimble, Born Oct the 8, 1837
Henry G. Trimble2, Born Jan the 6th, 1843
Wesley R. Trimble, Born Apr the 15th, 1843, Died May the 7th, 1864
C. W. Cowan, Died Aug the 17th, 1862

Day Book
Page 12:
The ages of David Trimble['s] Children
Elizabeth Trimble Was Born January the 7 1823 William Trimble was Born Febuary the 6 1824
John Trimble was Born January the 28 1825
Cely Trimble was Born December 16 1826
Telitha Trimble was Born October the 14, 1828
Milly Trimble was Born August 8 1830
Sarilda Trimble was Born July 2 1832
Cyrenus W Trimble was Born February 23 1834

Page 13: Right edge of page has been torn off
James F Trim... was Born Januar...
Thomas C Trimbl... Born October the
Henry G Tri... was Born xxxxx... [the word April is scrached out.] January...2
Wesley R Trimb... was Born April...
David Trimble...December the 20... 1856 [penciled in]
John Trimble...October the 17... 1859 [penciled in]
Elizabeth Lay Die... May the 21 18...
Nancy Trimble Died March the 13 18..

Page 22-23:3 John Ross Trimble was Born Febuary the 14 1861
William Green Trimble was Born November the 17 1862
Eliza Jane was Born July the 26 1864
C. W. Trimble was Born the 2 Day of Febuary 1867
Lewis C. Trimble was Born December the 10 1868
Marguet L. W. Trimble was Born May the 8 Day 18(unreadable)
W. W. Trimble was Born March 12, 18(unreadable)
A. N. Trimble was Born June the 4 1876

1. Cown appears to be penned in at a later time
2. Henry Green Trimble was the son of Elizabeth Trimble and Henry Lay
3. Children of James F. & Nettie Chris Trimble. Fails to list the couple's last child, Charles Grant Trimble, born 17 July 1879. Children given as only initials are Cyrenius W., Woodworth and Aggie Nora.

The family Bible of Dora Hamilton Humberson, wife of William Travis Humberson, Texas

Transcription provided by Virginia Owen

Franc(i)s Mari(o)n Humberson was born in the year of our lord March the 25, 1845
Mari(o)n Monroe Humberson was born in the year of our lord November the 15, 1869
Daniel Esaw Humberson was born in the year of our lord December the 25, 1870
Nathan Lee Humberson was born in the year of our lord August the 26, 1873
Marthia Alice Humberson was born in the year of our lord December the 18, 1874
Willie Travis Humberson was born in the year of our lorde June the 23, 1876
Frances May Humberson was born in the year of our lorde May the 11, 1878
Mary Ann Virginne Freeman was born in the year February the 23, 1868, half after 7 clock in the eaving

Isabel Humberson departed this life October 29, 1884

Isabel Whitton and Franc(i)s Mari(o)n Humberson was married December the 24, 1868
Mary Ann Virginne Freeman and Franc(i)s Mari(o)n Humberson was married April 25, 1883
Daniel Esaw Humberson and Emma Scrogins was married June 17, 1888
Alice Humberson and Will H. Newton was married September the 29, 1889

The family Bible of Francis Marion Humberson, Texas

Abstract provided by Ernest Humberson

Francis Marion (Humberson) was born 3/25/1845, d. 10/29/1884 1
Mary Ann Virginia Freeman, b. 2/23/1863, 7:30 a.m., d. 9/22/1916, at 6:00 p.m.
Isabel Whitton was born 9/10/1836, d 10/19/1884

Marion Monroe Humberson, b. Madison Co., TX, 11/15/1869, d. 12/2/1869
Daniel Esau (Humberson), b. Madison Co., TX, 12/25/1870, d. 7/16/1890
Nathan Lee (Humberson), b. Madison Co., TX, (b) 8/26/1873
Martha Alice (Humberson), b. Madison Co., TX, (b) 12/18/1874
Willie Travis (Humberson), b. Madison Co., TX, (b) 6/23/1876
Franc(e)s May (Humberson), b. Madison Co., TX, (b) 5/11/1878
Etta (Humberson), b. Madison Co., TX, (b) 5/24/1889, at 5:04 p.m. d. 5/24/1889 at 5:06 p.m.
Anna Evalena (Humberson), b. Madison Co., TX, (b) 6/2/1890, at 4:00 a.m.
Mary Lilla Louvenia (Humberson), b. Madison Co., TX, (b) 2/17/1892, at 11:00 a.m. d. 4/14/1921, at 2:05 p.m.
Alfondos (Humberson), b. Madison Co., TX b. (b) 3/11/1894 at 11:p.m., d. 3/17/1894
Janie Ethel (Humberson), b. Madison Co., TX, b. 3/1/1895,
Ethie Green (Humberson), b. Madison Co., TX, b. 7/28/1897, at 10:00 p.m.
Marion Allen Monroe (Humberson), b. Madison Co., TX, (b) 3/10/1901 at 10:00 p.m.

Francis Marion Humberson married Mary Ann Virginia Freeman at Madisonville, TX, 25th April, 1883 at the home of A.J. McCarty
Francis Marion Humberson married Isabel Whitton on 12/14/1868
Daniel (Humberson) married Emma Scroggins on 6/17/1888
Nathan Lee (Humberson) married Emily Franklin 2/11/1893
Martha Alice (Humberson) married William H. Newton 9/29/1889
William Travis (Humberson) married Ella Thompson 4/23/1896
Franc(e)s May (Humberson) married Jesse Thompson, 7/ 23/1896
Anna Evalena (Humberson) married Grover Cleveland Ward, 1/5/1908
Mary Lilla Louvenia (Humberson) married Hosea Stevens Biddle 2//14/1912
Janie Ethel (Humberson) married Bud Ward, 11/30/1919
Ethie Green (Humberson) married Tommie Channel 8/5/1922
Marion Allen Monroe (Humberson) married Lena Ellie Brown 12/15/1922

1 Date of death is incorrect. Francis Marion Humberson died in 1927.

The Tarter family Bible of Onta Jane Roberts Roman, Kentucky

Photographs provided by Kenita Jones, who presently owns this Bible. Ownership of the Bible passed from Martha Jane Roberts to her son Cuda Riley Roberts to his daughter Onta Jane Roberts Roman to her granddaughter, Kenita Jones. Based on the printing date of the Bible, there may have been one earlier owner, Elizabeth Tarter Roberts. There are two sets of handwriting styles recording these entries - one in old fashioned steel-nibbed ink pen and one in pencil.

Title Page
New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, copyright 1852
Cuda Roberts was born May the 12th 1881

While the printed title says Deaths, the page was used to record births
Elizabeth Tarter was born January the 21st 1822
Selah Tarter was born July 13 1823
Silas Tarter was born Dec the 26th 1824
Nancy Tarter was born Aug the 19th 1826
John D. Tarter was born Dec the 22nd 1827 1
Polley Tarter was born Nov 5th 1827 1
Wm. R. Tarter was born Oct the 22 1831
Martha J. Tarter was born Oct the 19th 1833
Samuel Tarter was born Aug the 29 1835
Malvina Tarter was born May the 9th 1837

Cudy Roberts was born May the 12 1881
Samey D. Burge was born May the 10 1875
Green Roberts was born Jan 23 1868

The first group, Elizabeth through Malvina, are the children of Jesse Tarter and Sally Weddle, of Pulaski Co., KY. The children born after Malvina (at least six) are not recorded. The remaining names are later descendants of this line.

1 John D. Tarter’s date of birth matches his tombstone so presumably is correct. Polley therefore cannot have been born in November 1827, if her brother was born in December 1827. Census data places Polley around 1836.

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George Thomas Hammonds Bible, Kentucky, Missouri, & California

Page 1: Births
Geo. Thomas Hammonds, Sept 22d 1850, Millsprings PO, Pulaski Co. Kentucky
Mary Elizabeth Holden, Aug 10th 1862, Massac County Illinois (wife of above named Geo. T Hammonds)
Jincy Eliza Hammonds was born June the 28th (Wednesday) 1893 at 12 o’clock M 2¼ mi S.W. of Malden Missouri. Her mother’s name was Ida Sofrona Hammonds.

Page 2: Miscellaneous
John Caswell Hammonds, son of G. T. and Ida S. Hammonds, was born Sept 10th A.D. 1894, 2½ miles S.W. of Malden, MO.

Mary Hettie Hammonds born Jan 2nd 1898 at 2 o’clock (or on the night of Jan the 1st which she prefers) being Saturday if born on the 1st of January or Sunday if born on the 2nd. G. T. Hammonds.

She died March 1st, 1906 at Calexieo Calif and buried in a lot of the town. Have often wished the Lord would enable me to move her. G. T. Hammonds, 3, 5, 1916.

Page 3: Marriages
George T. Hammonds to Mary E. Holden, Feb 21st 1886, by Rev. R. S. Hearsey, at bride’s house, Liberty Town, Stoddard Co, Mo.

Page 4: Births
Josiah Melancthon Hammonds, son of George T Hammonds, Sept 7th, 1877 at Clayton, Vernon Co, Mo. Written in my own hand this Feb 28/86. George T Hammonds.
Attest J.W. Hammonds

Thomas Wilson Hammonds was born of Mary E. Hammonds on July the 12th (Tuesday) at 4 o’clock AM in Ashley County Arkansas in the year A.D. 1887 (Died April 9, 1889)

Page 5: Deaths
Mary E. Hammonds, wife of G. T. Hammonds, Died at 1 o’clock PM on the 3rd day of March AD 1889, 3 mi SW of Malden in Dunklin Co, Mo, and is buried near the center of the east side of Malden County. In a dying hour she asked forgiveness of her friends. Said “The Lord has reconciled me to his will. He will take care of the baby. The most I hate of dying is that I cannot take all of you with me” to her husband. But very last pointing her finger to the east through the window and being asked if she saw angels, no she says. “I see a bright spot.” Blessed words of comfort. May we all see one at Death. Aged 26 years, 6 months, and 28 days. G. T. Hammonds

Page 6: Marriages
George T. Hammonds to Miss Ida Sofronie Wynne, July 18th (Monday) 1892

Page 7: Miscellaneous
Josiah Wilson Hammonds (my father) Born Aug 15th 1819
Jinsey Hammonds (Weddle) (my mother) born July 15th 1824
both born in Pulaski Co, Ky

Raised 5 children (all born in same co of Ky) to majority – 3 sons and 2 daughters. One infant son of 56 A.D. died in infancy (of cutaneous scrofula receding).

Josiah W Hammonds, my father died Aug 19th 1896, was 3 days dying, beginning by a death swoon on Sunday at noon. “I only wish I could take you all with me,’ said he believed in Jesus. G T Hammonds
The Lord gives us all so sweet a death

Mary Hettie Hammonds died March 1st 1906 of Calexico Calif

Page 8: Deaths
Jinsey Hammonds, my Mother, died of pistol shot in the brain, fired not intentionally by her little grandson J. M. Hammonds. December the 17th 1888. The boy had been used to toy with a toy pistol when quite young. He gad been told to let the pistol alone by me, his father, yet he must do as he pleased and this was the sad result. This was his way of honoring his father. Alas, by what rule of arithmetic can we tell the probable amount of remorse and disgrase that may come of breaking the 5th commandment, Ex 20 v 12. She too sleeps in Malden Cemetery. Peace be to her slumbering destiny. Aged 64 years 5 months and 12 days. G. T Hammonds

Page 9: Irregular Entries
My father, Josiah Wilson Hammonds was married to Miss Jincy Weddle, Dec 25 (Xmas) 1843 – G T Hammonds per May 26, 1918 Rosemund Cab

Ida Sophrona Wynne was born August 24th 1865 in Pope County (near Columbus) Illinois. She is the mother of Jincy Eliza, John C. and Mary Hettie Hammonds. All 3 born 2½ mi. SW of Malden, Dunklin Co, Mo (in the first half of the 90s).

Hettie lived to be 8 yrs and 2 months old. With her last breath, she tried to cheer and comfort her crying brother and sister by calling to them “I am not suffering.”

Jincy and John still live here. Jincy is married to Benton E. Hall since Oct 1910. They have 3 smart children to their joy and grief. Sometime in early 1920 I expect their fortunes to change for the better for them, if not a little sooner. – G. T. H.

John is still single by the grace of God, but by grace of the mountains may double.

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The Daniel M. & Parthenia Phillips Bible, Georgia

D M (Daniel M) Phillips, born Dec the 23, 1812
P (Parthenia) Phillips, borned July the 11, 1818
W W (William) Phillips, borned Aug the 3, 1836
T J (Thomas J) Phillips, borned July the 28, 1838
A A (Adaline A) Phillips, borned Sept the 3, 1840
C E (Clarinda E) Phillips, borned Nov the 13, 1842
M A (Mary A) Phillips, borned Feb 3, 1845
B S (Barnabas S) Phillips, borned Sept the 14, 1847
M J (Martha J) Phillips, Nov the 20, 1849
J P (John P) Phillips, borned March the 27, 1851
D L (David L) Phillips, borned July the 21, 1854
R R (Robert R) Phillips, borned October the 13, 1857
A A (Minna) Phillips, borned March the 3, 1862
F B Phillips, 1867, crossed out in original

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