Ella Rainwater

Ella Rainwater and Luia Cochran
Ella Rainwater and Luia Cochran
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This paper photo was purchased from an Ebay estate sale based in Arkansas in September 2007. The back of the photo is enscribed "Ella Rainwater and Luia Cochran". Assuming the standard left-to-right method of captioning photos, this means that Ella Rainwater is the stouter woman on the left in the cutout-patterned blouse.

That these ladies are wearing late Victorian or Edwardian styles dates to photo to ca. 1880 to 1920. They are clearly in their 20s or early 30s. And it’s not clear if Ella is married, so Rainwater could be either her maiden or married name.

We have identified the following individuals as the most likely, but this does not exclude other options. If you can positively identify one or both of these individuals, please contact us.

Maiden Name
Married Name

This photo was purchased on Ebay in September 2007, and is now in the collection of Susan Chance-Rainwater & R. Steven Rainwater.

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