Daniel M. Rainwater, 1828-1899

Daniel M. Rainwater

Daniel McDaniel Rainwater was born in Pulaski Co., KY on 10 November 1828 to Bartholomew and Nancy McLaughlin Rainwater. He was the 3rd of 13 children born to this family, and the eldest son. In 1848, he married Ann Whitaker, an orphan who had been for some years in the care of Anderson Compton. The couple lived and farmed in Pulaski Co. for the rest of their lives, and in 1854, Daniel purchased a 20 acre farm on Wolf Creek. The couple produced 11 children: Milford Enoch, born in 1850, Polly Jane, born in 1851, Sarah E., born in 1853, Lucy Ann, born in 1856, Mary Elizabeth, who was born and died in 1859, Anderson Warren, born in 1863, Bartholomew, born in 1865, Francis M., born in 1867, twins Palmira and Elzaria, born in 1871, and Terrell, born in 1878.

Daniel M. Rainwater died in 1899, his wife having died a year earlier. Both are buried in New Hope Cemetery in Pulaski County. Like the photograph, Daniel’s tombstone is enscribed merely D. M. Rainwater.

Photos supplied by Marjorie Thomas. Marjorie Thomas received this photograph from her sister, who was given it in the 1950s when she made a genealogical research trip to Kentucky. The back of the photograph is inscribed, D. M. Rainwater.

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