Mary Jane Rainwater

Mary Jane Rainwater and family
Left to right: Mary Jane Rainwater, Catherine Remley Rainwater Clark Switzer, Etta Barbara Clark Brookshire

Mary Jane Rainwater was born 9 Oct 1854 to Catherine Remley Rainwater (11 Feb 1837 - 21 Mar 1910) and Enoch F. Rainwater of Ray Co., Missouri. Following Enoch Rainwater’s death, her mother married James Daniel Clark, and later, Mr. Switzer. Etta Clark Brookshire (15 Aug 1875 - 6 Jun 1940), shown in this photo on the right, is Mary Jane’s half sister from her mother’s 2nd marriage.

On 14 March 1869, Mary Jane married Jeremiah Clark, and they were the parents of 13 children. She married her 2nd husband, William Henderson Rupe, in Nov 1895, and 3 additional children followed. Mary Jane was a small woman in stature but had a large heart, well liked by everyone. She died on 21 Mar 1910 at her home in Polo, Missouri, and is buried in Baker Cemetery.

Photograph and biographical information were contributed by Donna Cayton.

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