Biographical Documents & Genealogical Research

Reminiscences & Letters

Civil War Reminiscences of Sarah Fowler Rainwater, wife of Charles Cicero Rainwater

The Rainwater Family by Mrs. Charles Cicero Rainwater (Sarah Fowler Rainwater), The Missourian newspaper, 16 July 1932, 217 KB. PDF

Recollections of Mary Catherine Rainwater Pettijohn, from the archives of Ann Pettijohn Tomlinson, PDF

History of Catherine McCall and James Rainwater, by a granddaughter of Eli Rainwater, believed to be Nellie Rainwater Mills, daughter of Dr. Bradley Rainwater, 2MB, PDF


The Family Tree of Clois Miles Rainwater and Nancy Jane McIlhaney: One Texas Family’s Origins, 1706-2012” by Susan Chance-Rainwater and R. Steven Rainwater, available through

The Rainwater Research of Oscar S. Brooks, June 2009, 2 MB, PDF

Here’s the Plan of the Rainwater Clan” by Roscoe Rainwater, 1972, 6.2 MB, PDF

Genealogy of the Rainwater Family” by Donald S. Webber, Dec 1981, 8.9 MB, PDF

Genealogical research (1984) and research notes (1966) of Thelma P. Sargent, Mesa, AZ, (16.4 MB), PDF

Shirley, Rainwater, Crawford,” from ‘Ancestors and Friends: A History and Genealogy” by William Lusk Crawford, Sr., published 1978, 2MB, PDF

Rev. James Rainwater, 1795-1871, Georgia, from History of the Baptist Denomination in Georgia, published 1881, 4MB, PDF

Rainwaters: A Family History” by Richard James Rainwater, (32 MB)

Profile of the Delilah Rainwater & Richard Phillips familiy,” from the Pioneer History of Forsyth Co., GA


Pioneer Recalls Trip Across Oklahoma Without Firearms, recollections of Martin Van Buren Rainwater, Fort Worth Star Telegram, 27 Sept 1935

Panama Duty Career Highlight, recollections of Roscoe Rainwater, Vernon Daily Record, Jan 1963

“Matriarch built a flush family without plumbing”, Thelma May Rainwater, 20 Sep 2009

Vernon Inez Waldrop Connaster Rainwater: “Struggles, triumphs: woman overcomes tough times with courage”, 23 Nov 1987

Lemuel Flewellyn Rainwater, 1848-1933, Mississippi, Profile

Biography of Annie Heads Rainwater, 1912-1992, Carrollton, TX, PDF

The Rainwater Researcher Family Newsletter, 1994-1998

The Rainwater Researcher, a printed newsletter, edited by Robert O. Albert, Jr., lasted four years and helped create a cohesive research community. It was the forerunner of and insiration for this website. While some of the information contained in the newsletter is questionable, most is of good quality and there are many fascinating family stories worth preserving. Non-genealogical filler material, such as poems, cartoons, etc. have been dropped for file size considerations.