Roy W. and Mildred Hazard Rainwater

Roy W. and Mildred Hazard Rainwater
Left: Mildred with son, Dewey, ca 1923-1925
Right: Roy and Mildred Rainwater, in the 1960s

Roy Wilbur Rainwater was born in October 1890 to Arthur L. Rainwater and his wife, Clara Robinette Rainwater. He was a descendant of the James Rainwater-Charity Fowler branch of the Rainwater family. The fourth of thirteen children, Roy was born in Washington state, and spent some of this childhood in Oregon.

Roy met Mildred Hazard at meetings of the Salvation Army, where both the Rainwater and Hazard families attended services. Married in 1922, they had four children: Dewey, Ethel, Joanne and Harvey. Roy made his living at a variety of jobs, including house painter, carpenter and co-op worker. He also served in the Marines during World War I.

The family lived in Marysville, Washington for many years, although some years were also spent in California. The couple retired first in Arizona and later in El Paso Texas, becoming active supporters of the missionary work of their youngest son, Harvey.

Roy Wilbur Rainwater died in 1978. Mildred outlived him by 23 years, spending most of the final years of her life in missionary service in Mexico.

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