Charles Edward Rainwater family, 1946

This photograph of the family of Charles Edward and Bertie Belle Rainwater’s family was taken in January 1946, at the end of World War II. Five of the family’s six sons, and several of the sons-in-law served in the armed forces, which can be discerned by their uniforms.

Charles Edward Rainwater was the fourth son of Ephriam Dawson and Mary A. Hammond Rainwater of Georgia, and thus the great-grandson of James Rainwater the Preacher. Born in Jan 1883, Charles is found in the 1900 census household of his parents in Rivertown, Campbell Co., GA. He married Bertie Belle Henderson prior to 1825, and died in 1932 in Fulton Co., GA. Bertie Belle Henderson Rainwater outlived her husband by nearly 30 years, dying in 1961.

Photo supplied by Erin Leongomez, from the collection of Julius Rainwater.

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