Miles Avery Rainwater

Miles Avery Rainwater

Miles Avery Rainwater was the son of Wilkes Berrywine Rainwater and his second wife, Martha Ann Collins. Born on 17 July 1864 in Guntersville, Alabama, he was one of 8 children born to Martha Rainwater, and had 5 half-siblings from his father’s first marriage.

On 24 July 1887, Miles married Nancy Emaline Neely and the couple settled down to farming in Marshall Co., Alabama. They were the parents of at least 9 children: Carrie Belle; Minnie Lee; Elizabeth M.; Martha Emaline; Robert Monroe; James Jackson; Annie Mae, b. 1905; Otis Voin; and Albert. Miles died in 1925, and his wife Nancy, passed on in 1940. Both are buried in Alabama.

Miles Avery Rainwater is shown in this photograph with five men whose names are known, but the connection between the names and faces is not clear. These individuals are Jabe Starkey, Pat Duett, Bud Wouldridge, and Eschele Ridgeway. Miles Rainwater has been identified by Bob Schimmel as the man in the dark suit with dark mustache on the left side of the front row. Four of the other men are related at some remove, but how is not presently clear.

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