Kathryn Newell & Lloyd Norton Rainwater, Sr.

Lloyd & Katherine Rainwater

Lloyd Norton Rainwater was born in 1891 in Columbia Co., Washington, the fifth of ten children born to Jacob Sessom Rainwater and his second wife, Nellie Lois Pintler. This large family also included the seven children of Jacob’s first marriage, many of whom also lived in Columbia County.

In 1915, Lloyd married Kathryn Blanche Newell, and they settled down to farm life in Columbia County, raising five children among their other crops. These are: Nellie Frances, born 1918; Lloyd Norton Jr., born 1920; Raymond Newell, born 1922; Dayle Gordon, born 1924; and Lewellyn Dean, born 1926.

The family attended a Christian (Disciples of Christ) Church, that followed a very strict creed. Ray Rainwater recalls that “we were not allowed to imbibe soft drinks as they were packaged in bottles and Dad was not going to have his kids get in the habit of drinking out of bottles,” thinking that it might lead to stronger stuff later on.

Kathryn Newell Rainwater died in 1960, followed by her husband Lloyd in 1972. The couple is buried in Dayton City Cemetery, Columbia Co., Washington.

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