Palmira Rainwater Anderson Osborne Sybert

Palmira Rainwater

Palmira Rainwater was one of the 11 children of Daniel McDaniel Rainwater and Ann Whitaker. Born in Pulaski Co., KY in January 1871, she was one of twin girls. In 1897, she married James F. Anderson, a farmer and coal miner. Anderson died ca 1903, apparently in a mining accident, leaving his widow and three children - Wesley Omar, b. 1898; Walter W., b. 1899; and Gertrude, b. 1902.

Palmira then moved her family to Texas, possibly motivated by her cousins and at least one uncle who had also relocated there. She placed her children in the Buckner Baptist Orphanage in Dallas for a brief time, in order to establish herself financially. She married a second time, to a Baptist preacher, Rev. Morris J. Osborne, and reclaimed her children from the orphanage. The couple had one child, Cecil M. Osborne, b. 1909, though Osborne had three children from a prior marriage. Morris Osborne died on 15 June 1924 in Rains Co., Texas.

In the 1930s, Palmira married Jesse Thomas Sybert, a farmer in Post, Garza Co., TX. She spent the remainder of her life in Post. Jesse Sybert died in March 1947, Palmira in December of the same year. She is buried in Terrace Cemetery in Post, Texas.

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