Charles Luther Rainwater

Charles Luther Rainwater and family

Charles Luther Rainwater was the son of William Riley Rainwater and Margaret M. Pool, the grandson of Miles Rainwater and Permelia Emily Cain, the great-grandson of William Howard Rainwater, Sr., the great-great-grandson of William Rainwater and Martha "Patsy" Hodge.

Born in 1893, he married Sinie Kelly in 1913, probably in Indiana. The couple had seven children: Glen, Charles Luther Jr., Lena, Emma, Lucille, William Raymond, and Harold Dean (died a few months after birth). Charles Luther Sr. died in 1936, his wife, Sinie, outlived him by 40 years, dying in 1976.

Charles Rainwater is shown in this photograph with children Lucille, Glenn & Emma, ca 1928.

Photo supplied by Lisa Alexander

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