1926 Rainwater family reunion in Oklaunion, Wilbarger Co., Texas

1926 Rainwater Reunion

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The children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren of Elizabeth Jane Weddle and Josiah Wilson Rainwater gathered in Oklaunion, Texas in 1926 to celebrate the couple’s 60th wedding anniversary. Copies of the photograph taken on that occasion circulate throughout the family, but we are indebted to Betty Rainwater Parker for her knowledge of the names that go with the faces. Betty is in the second row of this picture in the arms of her mother, Ollie. We also want to thank Lucky & Mike Baker, who supplied our copy of this photo, and Betty Rainwater Parker, who supplied the key.

Back row left to right: Gertrude Rainwater, Roscoe Rainwater holding Clois Rainwater, Bill Rainwater, Bob Gaston, Edgar Gaston.

3rd row left to right: Lucille Rainwater, Miles Rainwater, Charlie Aderholt, Irene Skinner, Walter Skinner, Ruby Aderholt in front of Alva Lemon, Charlie Gossett, Esta Lemon, Pink Aderholt, Lucy Aderhold holding Mary Nell, Ed Luttrell, Margaret Luttrell, Ira Luttrell holding Lynn Luttrell, Clara Luttrell, Ranzy Luttrell, Elizabeth Rainwater behind Pete Rainwater, Jimmie Rainwater behind Ada Baston, Ballard Stallings and Al Gaston standing behind Helen Stallings who is holding Ray Stallings, Louise Gaston.

2nd row left to right: Mattie Cooper, Ollie Rainwater holding Betty Jo Rainwater, unknown friend of the family, Mollie Aderholt, Nannie Gossett, Lucy Aderholt, Josiah Rainwater, Elizabeth Rainwater, Wayne Luttrell, Doretta Luttrell, Martha Rainwater holding Herschel Rainwater, Nelia Gaston holding Gayle Gaston, Minnie Brownlee holding Jack Brownlee, John Brownlee.

1st row left to right: Edgar Gaston, Lloyd Rainwater, Miles W. Gaston, J. T. Rainwater, J. P. Aderholt, J. W. Lemon, Charlie Morris Aderholt, Ed Luttrell Jr., Gene Rainwater, Johnnie Rainwater, Effie Gaston, Dorothy Rainwater, Christine Rainwater, Bob Brownlee.

Four individuals who attended the reunion are not pictured, and according to family tradition, this is because they had gone to town (probably for more food!). These are: Clarence Rainwater, Cecil Luttrell, Hobart Rainwater and Roscoe Luttrell.

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