George Alfred Rainwater family of Pulaski Co., KY

George A. Rainwater family

Back row, left to right: John Perry Emerson, Kate Rainwater Emerson, Fred Rainwater, Lottie Garner Rainwater, Susie Rainwater. Front row, left to right: Mallie Rainwater Campbell, Euphia Emerson, George Alfred Rainwater, Permelia Susan Garner Rainwater, Waldo Emerson, Berthetta Sharp Rainwater.

George Alfred Rainwater was one of the six children of John R. and Elizabeth Lawless Rainwater of Pulaski Co., KY. Born in 1846, he married Permelia Susan Garner in 1867, and they together produced a considerable crop of children - 11 in all. These are: Mary E. (Campbell), b. 1867; John Madison, b. 1869, whose wife was Berthetta Sharp; George Vincent, b. 1872; James Howard, b. 1874; Charles Elliott, b. 1876; Frances Maria (Jasper), b. 1878; Margaret Isabel, b. 1879; Giles Alfred, b. 1881; Millie Catherine (Emerson), b. 1884; William Frederick, b. 1887, who married Lottie Garner; and Susie Jane, b. 1889. Euphia Emerson, b. 1906, and Waldo Emerson, b. 1913, were two of the children of Kate and John Perry Emerson. Based on the date of Waldo’s birth, this photograph can be dated to ca 1915-1916.

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This photograph can be found in "Pulaski’s Past: The Book", a scan of which was provided by Jim Garner. Curiously, this photo contains the same backdrop as the photo of James and Sarah Rainwater, suggesting that both photos were taken at the same family gathering.

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