George Monroe and Adora Haynes Rainwater, and sons

George Monroe Rainwater Family
Front row: George Monroe Rainwater, Adora Ellen Haynes Rainwater
Back row, left to right: John Bascom Rainwater, James Covington Rainwater, Joseph Irby Rainwater, George Elbert Rainwater, Francis H. Rainwater and Jackson Willard Rainwater.

George Monroe Rainwater was born in Missouri on 29 Sep 1859 to Hiram and Sarah Rainwater. His father served the Confederate cause in the 2nd Arkansas Infantry, Company G. Perhaps like many veterans, Hiram came home in broken health, and died in 1869 at the young age of 33.

The widowed Sarah Rainwater took her two children to Texas between 1870 and 1880, where she married a widower, H. B. Selby. Here George met and married Adora Ellen Haynes on 26 Sep 1889, in Denton County, Texas.

George made his living as a cattle drover and a farmer, and raised a large crop of “ranch hands” with his wife, Dora. These are: John Bascom, born 23 Sep 1890; James Covington, born 8 Oct 1891; Joseph Irby, born 9 Nov 1893; George Elbert, born 5 May 1896; Francis H., born 31 Mar 1902; and Jackson Willard, born 17 Mar 1905.

George Monroe Rainwater succumbed to pneumonia and influenza on 24 Nov 1935, and was buried in Millerview Cemetery in Concho Co., Texas. Dora Rainwater, outlived him by many years, departing life on 22 Aug 1962. At the time of her death, she had 41 grandchildren, 40 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

This photo was taken ca 1930-1935.

Photo supplied by Bill Parramore. Additional biographical information supplied by Elbert Lynn Rainwater.

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